VESPEL® Grades

Vespel® SP

Vespel® SP-1 - Unfilled Base Resin (Highly Pure) provides Maximum Strength and Elongation, Lowest Modulus and Thermal Conductivity. Optimum electrical properties.

Applications : Hot runner Insulators, High Temp soft valve seats, Parts used in Semiconductor manufacturing process.

Vespel® SP-21 – 15% Graphite (By weight) Enhances Inherent Wear Resistance. Long thermal Stability

Applications : Soft Valve Seats (High Temp and Cryogenic), Bushes, Washers, Sealrings, Thrust Washers, Wear Strips etc.

Vespel® SP-22 – 40% Graphite (By Weight) Has Low co-efficient of Thermal Expansion - Maximum Creep resistance.

Applications : Bushings and Bearings.

Vespel® SP-211 – 15% Graphite and 10% PTFE (fluorocarbon) By Weight. Lowest Static Friction. Low Wear and Friction in moderate temperature and PV environments.

Applications : Bushings and Bearings.

Vespel® SP-3 – 15% Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2 - By Weight). Best Wear performance in Vacuum/Inert gas /Dry conditions.

Applications : Bearings, Piston rings, Fasteners and Seals.

Vespel® SP-221 – 40% Graphite and 10% PTFE Fluorocarbon resin (By Weight) Lowest Wear rate in Dry service against Soft metals.

Applications : For Low Wear applications in non-lube conditions against Soft Metals like Aluminium, Brass and Bronze. Bushings and Bearings.

Vespel® SCP

Vespel®SCP Grades provide Higher Temperature resistance and Lower Coefficient of Thermal Expansion and enhance Mechanical Properties than SP Grades. For filled grades, the filler technology reduces friction dramatically improves Wear resistance Versus filled SP Grades.

Grades : Vespel® SCP-5000, SCP-5009, SCP-5050 and SCP-50094.