Kalrez® Aerospace


Outstanding thermal stability
Excellent compression set resistance
Excellent resistance to lubricating oils


High temperature sealing
Long life

Kalrez® Aeroseal 7745

  • Excellent resistance to aggressive oxidizing media like nitrogen tetroxide. It has been a aproduct of choice for hypergolic propellent applications
  • Maximum service temperature of 240°c is suggested.
  • Typical applications include sealing rocket propellents, hot oxidizing acids, wet halogens and halogenated gaeses.
  • Lower volume swell and good compression set properties at higher temperatures.

Kalrez® 4079 AMS

  • Karlrez 4079AMS is a speciality black product.
  • Outstanding thermal stability, excellent compression set resistance and good seal force retention properties.
  • Excellent resistance to HTS ( high thermo – oxidative stability ) gas turbine engine lubricating oils.

Kalrez® Aeroseal 7777

  • Kalrez aeroseal 7777 is a speciality black product
  • Outstanding thermal stability and compression set resistance along with excellent seal force retention properties.
  • Excellent response to temperature cycling effects.
  • A maximum continuous service temperature of 325°c (617°F) is a suggested.

Kalrez® Aeroseal 7797

  • Kalrez aeroseal 7797 is a speciality black product
  • Used in applications requiring higher hardness / higher modulus properties
  • Excellent mechanical properties and is well suited for both static and dynamic sealing applications.